Anatomy Lab Facilities

The Division of Clinical Anatomy maintains lab and learning resource facilities configured to support the instruction of human anatomy at all levels. These modern, fully-equipped facilities are also appropriate for numerous other activities, including surgical skills training, research and development, and lab skills practice. Consistent with the approach that cadaveric specimens together with medical visualization technologies provide the ideal environment for anatomy study, we make our technology-rich dissection lab, Bio Skills lab, anatomy library, and other facilities available for Stanford-affiliated groups and provide staff support when needed.

Bio Skills Lab

  •  900 square feet
  • Fully reconfigurable furnishings
  • 40+ person capacity at up to 7 stations
  • Operating room-style lighting
  • Multi-camera, multi-screen video display/recording system, with remote observation and control room.
  • Available equipment includes endoscopy towers with insufflation. Full list available upon request.
  • More photos of the Bio Skills Lab

Dissection Lab

  •  3,000 square feet
  • 120+ person capacity at 28 cadaver dissection tables
  • Extensive collection of bones and more than 300 prosected specimens
  • Large-screen 3D TV
  • More photos of the Dissection Lab

Reserving Lab Facilities

Two types of reservations can be made:

  • Stanford educational program or course session
  • Stanford research

We can provide staffing and consultation services. For location details click here.
Contact us for a copy of our complete lab reservation and use guidelines.

Interested in more information or making a reservation?
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